walberla::mesa_pd::sorting Namespace Reference


class  HilbertCompareFunctor
 Compare functor which sorts particles according to the hilbert space filling curve. More...
class  LinearizedCompareFunctor
 Compare functor which sorts particles along the x, y and z axes. More...


math::Vector3< uint_tgetChildPosition (const uint_t currentSize, const math::Vector3< uint_t > &parent, const uint_t childId)
std::vector< math::Vector3< uint_t > > generateHilbertCurve (const uint_t size)

Function Documentation

◆ generateHilbertCurve()

std::vector< math::Vector3<uint_t> > walberla::mesa_pd::sorting::generateHilbertCurve ( const uint_t  size)

◆ getChildPosition()

math::Vector3<uint_t> walberla::mesa_pd::sorting::getChildPosition ( const uint_t  currentSize,
const math::Vector3< uint_t > &  parent,
const uint_t  childId