Documentation of waLBerla’s Python interface

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This is the documentation of waLBerla`s Python coupling. It enables to use the core functionality of waLBerla from Python. A primary advantage of the Python coupling is that it allows having a view on waLBerla`s data as NumPy arrays. With this, it is easily possible to provide pre and postprocessing routines using powerful packages from Python. Furthermore, it is possible to set up entire simulations just from Python. This feature is primarily used in the code generation framework pystencils within its parallel data handling which entirely builds upon waLBerla`s Python coupling. waLBerla`s Python bindings are built with pybind11, a lightweight header-only package which is shipped as a submodule. Thus, there is no need to install any additional software.


To install waLberla as Python package in your path run the following command in your build folder

make pythonModuleInstall

API Documentation:

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