Documentation of waLBerla’s Python interface

Quick Start / Tutorials:

You can quickly try out waLBerla’s Python interface in a hosted IPython notebook without having to install anything:

This site contains interactive tutorials, illustrating how to set up a 2D lattice Boltzmann simulation with waLBerla.

Installation with conda:

To run waLBerla on your own machine the simplest way to get going is the installation via the conda package manager:

conda install --channel lssfau walberla

Run in docker:

Docker is a lightweight virtualization solution. We provide a docker image that contains the same environment as hosted on With this image you can run and develop waLBerla simulations on your own machine without having to manually install the dependencies. All you need is a running installation of Docker. Run the waLBerla image with the following command and navigate in your browser to http://localhost:8888

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 walberla/runenv-ubuntu-python

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