walberla::math::Rot3< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for walberla::math::Rot3< Type >, including all inherited members.

getMatrix() constwalberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
getQuaternion() constwalberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
mat_walberla::math::Rot3< Type >private
quat_walberla::math::Rot3< Type >private
Rot3()walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
Rot3(const Vector3< Type > &rot)walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
Rot3(const Vector3< Type > &axis, const real_t &angle)walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
Rot3(const Quaternion< Type > q)walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
rotate(const Vector3< Type > &rot)walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
rotate(const Vector3< Type > &axis, const real_t &angle)walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline
rotate(const Rot3< Type > &rot)walberla::math::Rot3< Type >inline