walberla::math::IntRandom< INT > Class Template Reference

#include <Random.h>

Public Member Functions

 IntRandom (const std::mt19937::result_type &seed=std::mt19937::result_type())
INT operator() (const INT min=std::numeric_limits< INT >::min(), const INT max=std::numeric_limits< INT >::max())

Private Attributes

std::mt19937 generator_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IntRandom()

template<typename INT >
walberla::math::IntRandom< INT >::IntRandom ( const std::mt19937::result_type &  seed = std::mt19937::result_type())

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename INT >
INT walberla::math::IntRandom< INT >::operator() ( const INT  min = std::numeric_limits<INT>::min(),
const INT  max = std::numeric_limits<INT>::max() 

Member Data Documentation

◆ generator_

template<typename INT >
std::mt19937 walberla::math::IntRandom< INT >::generator_

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