walberla::pe::fcd::GenericFCD< BodyTypeTuple, CollisionFunctor > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename BodyTypeTuple, template< typename Container > class CollisionFunctor>
class walberla::pe::fcd::GenericFCD< BodyTypeTuple, CollisionFunctor >

Uses CollideFunctor to call collide function without additional namespace inclusion.

#include <GenericFCD.h>

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Public Member Functions

ContactsgenerateContacts (PossibleContacts &possibleContacts) override
 generates a list of actual collisions More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from walberla::pe::fcd::IFCD
virtual ~IFCD ()=default
ContactsgetContacts ()
 returns saved list of contacts More...

Additional Inherited Members

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Contacts contacts_

Member Function Documentation

◆ generateContacts()

template<typename BodyTypeTuple , template< typename Container > class CollisionFunctor>
Contacts& walberla::pe::fcd::GenericFCD< BodyTypeTuple, CollisionFunctor >::generateContacts ( PossibleContacts possibleContacts)

generates a list of actual collisions

Takes a list of possible contacts (pair of BodyIDs) and checks them for actual collision. All generated contacts are stored in the member variable contacts_ for later reuse. Returns a list containing all contact points detected.

possibleContactslist of possible contacts generated by coarse collision detection
list of actual contacts

Implements walberla::pe::fcd::IFCD.

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