DataTypes.h File Reference

Detailed Description

#include "waLBerlaDefinitions.h"
#include <cmath>
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstdint>
#include <limits>
#include <memory>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <type_traits>


struct  walberla::never_true< typename >


 \file TimestepTracker.h \ingroup lbm \author Frederik Hennig


#define WALBERLA_STATIC_ASSERT(x)   static_assert(x, "Assertion failed")
#define WALBERLA_UNUSED(x)   (void)(x)


using walberla::int8_t = std::int8_t
 8 bit signed integer More...
using walberla::int16_t = std::int16_t
 16 bit signed integer More...
using walberla::int32_t = std::int32_t
 32 bit signed integer More...
using walberla::int64_t = std::int64_t
 64 bit signed integer More...
using walberla::uint8_t = std::uint8_t
 8 bit unsigned integer More...
using walberla::uint16_t = std::uint16_t
 16 bit unsigned integer More...
using walberla::uint32_t = std::uint32_t
 32 bit unsigned integer More...
using walberla::uint64_t = std::uint64_t
 64 bit unsigned integer More...
using walberla::byte_t = uint8_t
using walberla::id_t = uint64_t
using walberla::ptrdiff_t = std::ptrdiff_t
using walberla::uint_t = std::size_t
using walberla::size_t = std::size_t
using walberla::cell_idx_t = int
using walberla::real_t = float
using walberla::float32 = float
 Half precision support. More...
using walberla::float64 = double


template<typename T >
bool walberla::isIdentical (const T a, const T b)
 If you want to compare two reals using operator == and you really know what you are doing, you can use the following function: More...
template<typename S , typename T >
walberla::numeric_cast (T t)
template<typename INT >
void walberla::static_assert_int_t ()
template<typename UINT >
void walberla::static_assert_uint_t ()
constexpr real_t walberla::operator""_r (long double t)
constexpr real_t walberla::operator""_r (unsigned long long int t)
bool walberla::realIsIdentical (const real_t a, const real_t b)
bool walberla::realIsEqual (const real_t a, const real_t b, const real_t eps=real_comparison::Epsilon< real_t >::value)
bool walberla::floatIsEqual (long double lhs, long double rhs, const long double epsilon=real_comparison::Epsilon< long double >::value)
bool walberla::floatIsEqual (double lhs, double rhs, const double epsilon=real_comparison::Epsilon< double >::value)
bool walberla::floatIsEqual (float lhs, float rhs, const float epsilon=real_comparison::Epsilon< float >::value)

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#define WALBERLA_STATIC_ASSERT (   x)    static_assert(x, "Assertion failed")


#define WALBERLA_UNUSED (   x)    (void)(x)