walberla::mesa_pd::VelocityCorrectionNotification Class Reference

Detailed Description

Transmits corrections of the linear and angular velocity (dv / dw) that were generated by the impulses acting on the ghost particles during application of the Hard-Contact-Solvers (HCSITS) to the main particle and adds them up.

Use this Notification with ReduceProperty only.

#include <VelocityCorrectionNotification.h>


struct  Parameters

Public Member Functions

 VelocityCorrectionNotification (const data::Particle &p)

Public Attributes

const data::Particlep_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VelocityCorrectionNotification()

walberla::mesa_pd::VelocityCorrectionNotification::VelocityCorrectionNotification ( const data::Particle p)

Member Data Documentation

◆ p_

const data::Particle& walberla::mesa_pd::VelocityCorrectionNotification::p_

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