walberla::mesa_pd::VelocityUpdateNotification Class Reference

Detailed Description

Adds up LinearVelocity + Parameters::relaxationParam * velocity_correction in a particle and transmits the result to all its ghost particles.

After adding up and sending the result, the velocity corrections of the main particle are reset to 0. After receiving new values, the velocity_corrections of the ghost_particles are reset to 0. This notification is used during relaxation with the HCSITS solver. Notification for use with BroadcastProperty only.

#include <VelocityUpdateNotification.h>


struct  Parameters

Public Member Functions

 VelocityUpdateNotification (data::Particle &p)

Public Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VelocityUpdateNotification()

walberla::mesa_pd::VelocityUpdateNotification::VelocityUpdateNotification ( data::Particle p)

Member Data Documentation

◆ p_

data::Particle& walberla::mesa_pd::VelocityUpdateNotification::p_

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