Utility.h File Reference

Detailed Description

#include "Types.h"
#include "core/EndianIndependentSerialization.h"
#include "core/math/KahanSummation.h"
#include "core/math/Uint.h"
#include <limits>
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>


 \file TimestepTracker.h \ingroup lbm \author Frederik Hennig frede.nosp@m.rik..nosp@m.henni.nosp@m.g@fa.nosp@m.u.de


template<typename UINT >
std::string walberla::blockforest::uintToBitString (const UINT value)
 Returns a string that stores the bitwise representation of 'value' (must be an unsigned integer) More...
template<typename T >
workload_t walberla::blockforest::workloadSum (const T &array)
template<typename T >
memory_t walberla::blockforest::memorySum (const T &array)
memory_t walberla::blockforest::bytesToMiB (memory_t bytes)
std::string walberla::blockforest::naturalNumberToGroupedThousandsString (const uint_t number, const char separator=' ')
 Returns the string representation of 'number', every three digits the character 'separator' is inserted (172408725 -> "172 408 725") More...
std::string walberla::blockforest::naturalNumberToGroupedThousandsString (const real_t number, const char separator=' ')
void walberla::blockforest::fillStream (std::ostream &ostream, const char fill, uint_t length)